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Yawara Military Ju Jitsu


The origins of this style of Ju Jitsu stem from way back in time with Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu. After many years of growth, Shorinji Kai was developed by Riukiu Myara, the Chief of Tokyo Police and Combat Instructor.

In the 1950’s, a German student, after completion of military service, migrated to Australia and formed (with local instructors) the Australian JuJitsu Instructors Council, later to become the Australian JuJitsu Association.

Upon the retirement from office of the original members, they continued personal training with Hugh Doherty Sensei and they then incorporated Kodokan Judo, Goju Ryu karate and some of the more aggressive aspects not taught in Goshin Jitsu into the style and named the more aggressive style Yawara.

Today the style in under the direct control and directorship of Shihan Hugh Doherty, with clubs in several countries worldwide and including South Africa under Rod Bradley, a personal student of Shihan Doherty.

Yawara is focused on the reality of today’s environment and is unique in that it is a conceptual system, rather than a number of set techniques.


Although the style is more aggressive than many other Ju Jitsu styles, an individual can choose the level of response appropriate and required for that specific situation.

Yawara is part of the Seibukaikan Budo International.




WAZA literally translated means " Skill / Technique / Practise " and in our context, means all of the above

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