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Rod Bradley started his martial arts journey at the end of 1971 doing Judo. He soon discovered a love for the discipline and effectiveness of his training. Since then he has served in the SA Army where he was an instructor as well as in the SA Police where for a time he was also an instructor.


He holds multiple Dan grades in martial disciplines including Eskrima-Arnis-Kali ( 3 styles ), Judo & Jujitsu and has attended numerous training camps, seminars ( international & local ) in a variety of systems / disciplines including Krav Maga, the proven Israeli fighting system.


He is currently Secretary General of the International Philippine Eskrima-Arnis de Mano Confederation (IPEAC) administered from Melbourne Australia and Sistema Birada Martial Arts Centre (SBMA) located in Manila, Philippines.



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WAZA literally translated means " Skill / Technique / Practise " and in our context, means all of the above

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